Introduction: The (New) Sawtooth Paracord Bracelet Weave

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When I saw the snake weave, it was cool, but I did not like how it was round. Before I made a bracelet using the snake weave, I made one of the over under bracelets. I liked how flat the over under one was but I did not like how it only had one color. I also saw a version of the over under bracelet that used two colors. But I did not like the pattern. I thought to myself, there must be a different way to make that. I then thought of this, but I did not know that it would have a snake weave kind of look. But when I made more and more of the pattern, it started looking like two saw blades.

If you look closely the weave looks like this:

The two cords come together at an angle, and that gives it the sawblade look.
(Sorry for the fuzzy pictures, I don't have a good camera!)

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Step 1: Materials

Well when I figured out how much cord I was going to use, I was surprised.  Compared to the snake weave, it uses twice as less cord.  It is pretty awesome!

- 2 different lengths of cord measuring from end of hand to nose (plus a little bit if you have huge wrists) those need to be different colors.
- 1 length of cord that is that is twice as long as the circumference of your wrist plus a enough to tie a knot.
- a lighter

-string to tie to a chair leg, post, tree, (just to keep the bracelet tight)

Step 2: Cut Your Cord!

Measure from your hand to your nose and cut.
BUT WAIT! If you have huge wrists or you make loose bracelets add some more length to the cord before you cut it.

After you cut those 2 differently colored strands, get one color (Black is the best for most bracelets) and measure the circumference of you wrist and then multiply by two.  (just wrap your cord around your wrist two times)  Then add some more string so that you will be able to tie a knot.

Step 3: Start Weavn'

Okay, this next step is kind of hard to explain in words.  It is a very "visual" kind of instructable, so all the instructions are in the pictures.

First step:  Tie any not you want, (monkey's fist, overhand, etc.) just so that you don't have to melt the ends together in the middle of the bracelet.

If you wanted to get the optional string, tie it to something secure, (Tree, table leg, chair leg, etc.) and then tie your not at the end so the string won't fall off.

I forgot to show you how to start it!  pretty much just cross two cords so one is coming out the back and one is coming out of the front, then tie it off and then start weaving with the long ends. (first picture)

Look at the pictures and the picture notes to get the instructions.

Step 4: Finishing the Bracelet

I kind of showed  you how to do the finishing knot, but just look at the last step.  If you tightened the last weave undo it just a little bit.  You will then see a loop.  Put the cord that made the loop into the loop.  Then pull it TIGHTLY and cut the ends and melt them.  You are now done!

Step 5: Last Step!

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