Introduction: The Scythian Recreating With Arduino

Hi, I’m father of moisture kun.

I got this idea from “super brothers sword and sworcery”, a beautiful ios game telling a story of sacrifice.

This prototype comes from Scythian, the main character in Sword & Sworcery EP.

I made another story of her, change "she" to "he", name him "moisture kun", a king of a deserted kingdom.

A long long time ago, moisture was born in a desert with out any rain, river. But a gift was given, he can mesture the moisture of a land or soil, and show it before him. To save his country, he went on the way finding Neverland “Dream Blue”, where there is enough water. Dogfella is his fav pet, guarding him trough deserts, forests, snow mountains and great valley…

So, Let’s see his story…

Step 1: Things Prepared & Howto

### Things prepared

For electronic part.

* [Grove - Moisture Sensor]( It looks like human legs! under side of the main body.
* [Xadow - Main Board]( really small board! Using Arduino programming it.
* [Xadow - LED]( Small and beautiful, to show the moisture of soil detected. From 0-5, dry to wentt.

Of course, you can find other arduino & sensors if it matches the size of craft.

### Craft The Scythian

before craft, we list paper(left) and moisture kun's module together.


Download The paper prototype on [cubeecraft]( Find another hardboard, cut it into the shape the shape you download.

After you finish crafting, it'll be like:


### Wire

Xadow modules are connect using FFC cable, so it's easy to bend, don't forget the direction(let coner of boards towarding same side), but disorder is allowed.

A little bit hard to add the grove part. Add a grove dock on the breakout board (I2C interface), then use A5 pin connect ADC.

### Code

i upload it to:

suggest you read first, for the library part.

### Sorry

I know this howto is too simple, you may find it hard finish it. It's my first time on instructables, i lost some materials while doing it.

for any questions, please contact: sonicisdreaming AT gmail DOT com

Step 2: The Story

The led shows moisture in current environment.

0 : desert
1: average soil
2: wet
3: enough water

Carrying  battery and go on!