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Introduction: Easy Clay Modeling - Hidden Treasure Pirate Skull

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Making hollow forms in clay is one of the most important basic sculpting techniques. So this one is a great start into clay modeling. I's also great to hide a secret treasure that will never come out again!

In this Instructable you will learn:
- how to make a basic form of clay by just using your hands and one single tool
- how to cave your forms to make a hollow form in clay

What you need:
- all you need is a handful of clay and a your favourite modeling tool (e.g. a kitchen knife)

And that's how you do it:

1.) Just start your work by making a simple ball of clay. Then press it into a more specific form. Finally use your thumbs to mold in the eyeholes and reshape your form untill it looks like a real skull.

2.) Use your tool to add some details like nose and mouth. But don't do to much for the beginning.

3.) Now, cut your skull into two parts, cave them out and rejoin them. As you will see, this is the hardest part and maybe you'll have to repeat step 1 and 2 one or two times. But finally you will succeed. And by the way, dont miss to add your secret before you rejoin the parts. If you want, you can also add a coin slot to make it even better.

4.) Now you can work out all the details. Add some scars, scratches and cracks to make it really nice!

BTW: If you don't like skulls, this also works great with cute little pigs, ugly frogs and fancy spaceships!

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