Introduction: The Secret of Neocube

Have you ever noticed when you use your Neocube magnets, that they can be in two types of configurations? The lines can be perfectly parallel, but they can also be staggered. You may think that your Neocube magnets are just weird, but if you think carefully, it proves to be perfectly logical for this to happen. Here's how it works.

Step 1: The 2 Configurations

The 2 ways that Neocube lines can stick together are the following: parallel or staggered.

In the parallel pattern, one north pole sticks to one south pole at the ends. The magnetic field jumps directly from A's N pole to B's S pole, making the field very small.

In the staggered pattern, every north pole points in the same direction as every other north pole. The field for the staggered pattern has to go all the way from A's N pole to C's S pole, resulting in a larger magnetic field. The reason that the lines don't fly apart is that two magnets next to each other will share a pole.

Step 2: How to Make the Staggered Pattern

I'm assuming that you know how to make the parallel pattern, so I'm going directly to the second pattern. If it's confusing, the pictures will help.

Step 1: Get a bunch of Neocube magnets.

Step 2: Make two lines.

Step 3: Find the ends that push each other away.

Step 4: Point those ends in the same direction, then push them together. They will naturally stagger.

Step 5: Push the free ends toward each other gently. This should start a chain reaction, zipping the two lines together.

Step 6: Repeat steps 2-5. As your magnet gets wider, you'll have to push the whole line onto the magnet.

And you're done!

Step 3: Making the LCBM (Large Compound Bar Magnet)

If you add lines to your pattern carefully, you'll get a diamond shape, with all of the poles on the long side. To make the CBM, just follow these steps:

Step 1: Make your large diamond.

Step 2: Start rolling it up! Make sure that you roll up the diamond's sides toward each other, not the poles.

Step 3: You're done!

Step 4: Go Wild!

Please post any instructable with this idea. I would love to see what the Instructables community can do with this. Hope you enjoyed!