Introduction: The Servant of the God of Many Faces

This is my faceless costume. I spent almost 1 week to make the face I hold and almost 5-6 hours for the make up.
if you have any questions feel free to ask!

Step 1: Teeth

Firstly I made the teeth, with acrylic nails. I cut them and formed them to the shape I wanted.

Step 2: Face

With latex, cotton and tissues I formed my face and with spirit gum I glued the teeth. Then comes the painting

Step 3: Face I Hold

I made a mold of my face with plaster. Then I shaped it to look as realistic as possible with acrylic glue and silicon. Then I painted it with acrylic colors and added some fake blood on the inside. In the end, I added fake eyelashes

Step 4:

Finally go to freak some people out!

Halloween Costume Contest 2016

Runner Up in the
Halloween Costume Contest 2016