The Shelter Snare

Introduction: The Shelter Snare

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One day, you might find yourself lost in the woods while camping! One day, the stock market will crash and are YOU ready to survive? Traps and Snares are one of the most important things while surviving. Blake Alma, the founder of The Art of the Outdoorsman once said, "A trap is as someone else hunting for you when you can't, it is truly your best hunting buddy!" This is so true. Unlike fishing poles and firearms, traps and snares work when you are sleeping! So learning how to make a simple snare is indeed helpful for it is an art of an outdoorsman! Let's get started!

You need:

Sticks or logs or stones or even a poncho, snare wire (24 gauge), cord, a knife, a pencil, bait (that is if you have some), and pliers.

Note: There are laws regarding traps and snares.

Step 1: The Shelter

You can make a stick/log or stone shelter but I have chosen a poncho and some cord, of which I will teach you how to make.

Tie your cord across to two trees or two sticks that you have put in the ground. Throw you poncho over the cord and be sure it holds! Get four sticks, sharpen the end of each stick, and make them pointy. Push all four of your pointy sticks unto the ground where the four corners of the poncho are. It should make it hold. Your shelter should look look the one above.

You might use the shelter for yourself to sleep in or for the snare!

Step 2: The Basic Snare Trap

Watch the video or above or follow the instructions below.

Using your pliers, cut about 15 to 20 inches of wire. Grab your pencil and the wire. Loop the wire around the pencil twice. Twisty tie the loop to the other part of the wire. Pull the pencil out. Put the normal end of the wire through the loop, and make that loop 2 inches diameter (which is the size of you fist). Attach the snare onto a stick. Put the snare in the shelter and push the stick in the ground to hold the snare in the ground. This snare is for small game, such as squirrels.

Step 3: Baiting the Snare

Now if you stuck in the woods with no food, you don't have bait! Duh! So you hafta rely on the fact that that animal will found the shelter to rest! However, if you are doing the trapping just for fun, use crunchy peanut butter to bait it. Now you are ready to trap!

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