The Simplest Buzzer Tutorial; Using Arduino




Introduction: The Simplest Buzzer Tutorial; Using Arduino

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Hey Makers,

Lets make a Simple Quiz Buzzer using Arduino!

Step 1: ​What We Can Do With It?

What we can do with it?

>Quiz Game Buzzer

>Play Tunes and lots more………….

Step 2:

Step 3: Circuit

Connect Arduino According to the Circuit

> Digital pin 13- Buzzer Positive (Via Resistor/Switch)

> Gnd -Buzzer Negative (Directly)

Step 4: ​Code


After following the above step. Open the file .ino file with Arduino IDE Buzzer Code

Step 5: ​Upload

Upload the code…..Press the Button Switch and You can hear the Buzz

Step 6: Done!

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