Introduction: The Simplest Coin Vanish

My dad used to fool me with this when I was younger. I've always enjoyed it, and now you can too! This vanish works really well with coins and other small objects. It's easy to do and looks very convincing. It's really fun to do on your drunk friends when you're sitting in Denny's at 3 in the morning. Blows their minds!!!

I've included a full description with pictures on how to do this. I know you guys don't like videos, but it's kind of hard to follow without seeing it done, so I made a video of it as well:

Check out the next steps for the explanation. Have fun with this!

Step 1: What Will Happen

I've done this with a door key, a usb stick, and other small things, but coins work the best.

If you didn't watch the video, this is how it will look. You place a coin on the table. Next, you will cover it with your hand and rub it in circles. After a few seconds, you will lift up your hand and show that you've rubbed the coin out of existence!!!

Step 2: How It's Done!

It's really easy to do actually.

Place the coin on the table about 8-12 inches in front of you. Next, place you hand over the coin so that your fingertips cover the coin. At this point, you begin to rub the coin on the table in a circular direction.

The trick is, that as your hand moves towards you, your press down on the coin so that it moves back. As your hand is moving forward, you do not press on the coin. The coin will move from your fingertips, to your palm, to the back of your hand, and finally to your wrist.

I'm sure you've realized that this will move the coin further and further back =)

Once the coin is at the ledge, simply drop it into your lap!

IMPORTANT: at this point, don't just open your hand and show it is gone. It looks better if you keep making circles, but smaller, and moving it closer to the center of the table. This way, they do not associate the coin going off the table with your trick.

As you lift up your hand, lift from the palm to your fingertips to give the illusion that it has disappeared from your fingertips.

Viloa! You're magic!!!