Introduction: Sugar-free Apple Jelly

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I know...When I first thought about making this tutorial I was scared, I know it looks like, you know, just jelly. However, I realized that sometimes things that are extremely simple are complex as well...Do not get me wrong, it is the easiest dessert ever. The thing is that believing that it is just plain jelly and that the combination does not create anything new may make you think it is not worth trying. Big mistake...

I am a picky eater and in the tight list of things I love eating, this is a must. Not until I was away home did my mom show me the way she prepare my favorite homemade dessert. I couldn't believe my eyes. No sugar, no mysterious ingredient, not secret at all. Just flavored jelly, unflavored jello and an apple. It is even low calorie! It is gluten free, sugar free, has fruit and plenty of collagen....Maybe that is why my mom lets me eat it every single day!!

Again, I know it looks just like normal jelly. But please, before judging, give it a try. It will definitely surpass your expectations. Otherwise, believe me, I would not eat huge amounts of it every single day. Anyway, you may even have all the ingredients at home.

Step 1: Get the Ingredients

You will need:

○ 1 apple*

○ 1 box of unflavored gelatin

○ 1 box of jelly powder -you can choose any sugar-free option available-

* I highly recommend you to try with: strawberry; raspberry; pineapple

** Change the apple and use pears instead, it tastes heavenly!! Avoid using fruit with a high water content (papaya, pineapple, watermelon, etc) as it wont firm up.

Step 2: Can You Believe This Is the Most Complicated Part?

While you warm a cup of water, place the apple, a cup of water and the unflavored jello into the blender and blend just a little bit, it must be crunchy!

Then, mix the flavored jelly in the hot water.

Step 3: Yes, That Was All...

Mix the hot water and the mixture you had in the blender, then pour them in cups or jars. And off course, place it into your refrigerator until firm.

Once you are addicted to it, I recommend you to find two mason jars and double the recipe, so you would have dessert for two days. It is just so yummy!

Step 4: Enjoy

Now, just enjoy this guilt-free treasure :)

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