Introduction: The Simplest Rocket Ever

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This instructable is about how to make the simpliest rocket ever! You can make it even on a picnic, using stuff that you have with you.

Also you can watch the video with all proceff of making and also with upgrades!

Step 1: Rocket's Body

Body of rocket will be made of plastic bottle, so the bigger your bottle, the more powerful will be your rocket.

Once I used 3 liter bottle, and it was exploded!

Step 2: Stick Stand

Wooden stick will serve as stand and stabilizer. You can fix it by tape, or just put it under label.

Step 3: Nozzle

Nozzle is bottle's cap with some hole in it, you can make it by knife.

Step 4: Propellant

The fuel is any flammable aerosol with propane butane gas in composition. Deodorants, air fresheners... Also you can use gasolin or spirit vapor.

The most difficult part is injecting right amount of fuel (to create he propellant - mixture of fuel and air), less or more fuel will decrease power of rocket and its maximum height of flight.

Step 5: Launch

Place rocket on stand and ignite the propellant bysome source of flame (stick with burning match on tip of it). Remember, that you need to vent the bottle after successful and unsuccessful launch to fill it with clean air!

Step 6: Upgrade

We can upgrade this rocket to make it more comfortable to use and make it operate like real rocket. So I captured some video about process, you can watch it here.

Step 7: Danger of Explosion

The rocket with big bottle's volume or/and tight nozzle can EXPLODE (watch video), so please keep distance or launch rockets under cover or behind the corner, at least use protective glasses.