Introduction: The Simplest Tesla Coil Winding Rig Built With K'nex

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Hello! Welcome to my Instructable on how to make a Tesla Coil Winding Rig.

I recently started my first Tesla coil project and I needed an efficient way to wind up the secondary coil. I had seen quite a few different winding rigs around on the internet, but they were all a bit complicated to build or required expensive parts which I did not have. So I brainstormed a bit on how I could build a simple and low cost winding rig. Then it occurred to me, that I've been building with k'nex a lot lately, K'nex doesn't just have to be about building toys, I could use K'nex to build tools as well. More specifically, a winding machine. This would cost me nothing as I already have plenty of k'nex, and it would be pretty simple to build.

So here I have documented instructions on how to build my winding machine. I built this winding machine to wind a coil on 4 inch PVC. I am sure it could be modified for other sized coils as well if needed.

Step 1: Build the Left Support Structure

Just follow the pictures to build the left support structure.

This part will hold up one side of the pipe off the ground.

Step 2: Build the Tube Supports

In this step you will build the wheels that will hold the PVC pipe.

Build 4 parts from the first picture.

Place one part on top of one of the others and clip blue rods on the white connectors. Build 2 of these.

Step 3: Attach the Left Tube Support

Build the axle and attach to the left structure.

Step 4: Build the Gearbox Parts

Build the parts for the gearbox and right structure.

Step 5: Assemble the Gearbox

Assemble the gearbox and right structure.

The gearbox reduces the coil rotation speed and make it easier for the motor to keep the rotation speed constant.

Step 6: Attach the Right Coil Support

Build the right axle and attach as shown.

Step 7: Add the Motor

Build and attach the 12 volt motor mount.

You do not necessarily need to use this particular motor. The gearbox could be modified to accommodate any motor you want to use.

I opted for the 12 volt motor because it runs from a power outlet and I needed it to run for multiple days nonstop while the varnish coating on my coil dried. I did not want to worry about the batteries dying and causing the varnish to pool on one side of the coil.

Step 8: Build and Attach the Connector

Now build and attach the base which connects the two supports. This can be made to be whatever size you need for your coil length.

And that's it! You've completed the k'nex coil winding machine!

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