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Introduction: The Sipriani Rifle

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"Mods" by The_Builder, go to this link.
"Mods" by Kookoo For Knex, go to this link.

This is it: My Sipriani Rifle
It's a high-powered rifle that shoots about 35 to 110 ft depending on the amount of rubberbands

-True trigger
-Very powerful
-Comfortable handle

-Could give some physic damage when hit (DON'T FIRE THIS AT ANYONE)

For short:
It's very recommendable rifle.

Step 1: Piece List

Piece list

70 green rods
47 white rods
4 red connectors
1 y connector
2 ball sockets
41 yellow connectors
4 grey 2slot connectors
2 white snowflakes
4 green connectors
12 blue rods
15 grey connectors

Step 2: The Chain

This part is not neccasery, but it just makes it look cool.
and this way, you can carry it.

Step 3: The Handle

This part is needed for comfort and for the safety of your fingers.

Step 4: The Rear

This part is for stablitity and for protecting your eye when sniping.

Step 5: Trigger

This part is for holding the rubberbands from flying everywhere!

Step 6: The Barrel

This is the most important and, finger torturing part that is needed for holding the bullet.

Step 7: Putting the Rifle Together

Pic 1:barrel + trigger
Pic 2:put them together
Pic 3:trigger + rear
Pic 4:put them together
Pic 5:chain + barrel
Pic 6:put them together
Pic 7:handle + trigger
Pic 8:put them together

Step 8: The Rubberband Holders

build these two.

Step 9: The Rubberbands

pic A: put the rubberband as shown
pic B: put the rubberband as shown
pic C: put on the rubberband holders as shown

Step 10: Ammo

The bullets:
they come in grey, black, white and blue.

Step 11: You're Done!!!

Well you've built yourself the Sipriani Rifle
Have freaking much fun with my gun!!!

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5 years ago

Guys, be very careful with this gun, I currently have a hole in my hand because it jammed and I unknowingly put my hand upon the barrel, then it fired once I fixed the jam, into my hand. Other than the jamming issues, it is an amazing gun.

Lol, I remember building this when I was very young, there are still holes in the wall from it :P VERY powerful, great simple design.


10 years ago on Step 3

On the handle,what piece is at the back on the 3rd white rod connecting the 2 pieces together (pic 2) Btw awesome rifle 5*


Reply 10 years ago on Step 3

It's not holding anything together, it's just a spacer to keep the handle firm.
It's basically the same as a tan connector but without the small sticky-outy piece.



13 years ago on Step 6

i cant see where/how the orange peices conect :( someone help

Flatout Knex
Flatout Knex

Reply 11 years ago on Step 6

really late reply but with the yellow connectors with white rods


12 years ago on Introduction

You know when it comes down to it and Knex rifles become more complex. It seems you have to enjoy the simple guns on this site. This one for example is very reliable easy to repair and never once has jammed on me. This gun is incredibly easy to fight with in a knex war. :)


Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

one year me and my friends had a knex war and we decided to "SHARPEN" them with pencil sharpener and have a classic cowboy shootou and well we both shot each other in the arms and hit the bone...needless to say the doctors asked us why would we do that we well after a year our arms finished healing we are now on suicide watch.great gun five stars


Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

Thanks dude!
Haven't had a good comment on this one in a while.
Good times.. good times..


Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

Yeah... this gun deserves it. it is the only one that you can make sure your opponent got hit by the little red welt on their back ;) Plus compared to some other guns on instructables,  this one is pretty silent which is good if your a sniper like me in a K'nex war.


Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

u can also tell went they got hit wen u hear a loud OWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


12 years ago on Step 5

i dunno bout you, but for me, the parts list said two snowflakes....they were use one step ago....uhmmmm