The Skeleton Rabbit




Introduction: The Skeleton Rabbit

In this project, I explain all the steps in creating these works of art.

Step 1: The Skeleton Rabbit

My first step in this project was to Illustrate the Skeleton Rabbit. I spent roughly about 15 hrs illustrating this image getting all the details up to par with my standards.

Step 2: Next Step Was to Cad to Cam This Image and Cut It Out of Wood

Once my illustration was complete I brought it into Vcarve and told it what end-mills I was using and set it up with proper feeds and speeds for my material. After my file was looking proper, I exported G code in order for the CNC Shopbot to read. When using the CNC Shopbot, its so important to take your time in pre-production. It's always key to do a air pass to insure my G code will work proper. Once air pass is complete and correct it was time to run this machine and cut out my custom shapes.

Step 3: Time to Cut Off Tabs and Do Much Sanding

Now it was time for the labor part of this job. Everything I cut out on the CNC Shopbot has tabs that keep it connected to the main material. First I usually use a hand jig saw and cut out the shapes and then take sand paper and sand away at the edges till I get a nice smooth edge.

Step 4: Time for the Laser to Do Its Work

When its time for the Laser, I have to be on top of my game. The hardest part of using the laser is setting up the registration. Sometimes registration can take me an hour to get it set up perfect. I also create jigs to help me get that registration perfect as well. Here is a timelapse to show the laser in action..

Step 5: Completion of 2 Different Version of the Skeleton Rabbit

And complete!!!!!!! Completing this project was very rewarding as I created a 2 panel Skeleton Rabbit and well as a inverse Skeleton Rabbit. Which was is your favorite?

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    2 Discussions


    Question 2 years ago on Step 5

    The rabbits look great. ..I can't quite work out what the laser is doing though. At first I thought you must have been etching/burning the dark areas, but in the video it seems as though it is creating light-coloured areas. Are you burning off a dark top-coat on the timber?


    3 years ago

    What a cool project! It would be great if you uploaded your files for others to be able to recreate your wonderful project!