The Small Less-Than-Half-of-a-Single-Sheet-of-Plywood Boat




Introduction: The Small Less-Than-Half-of-a-Single-Sheet-of-Plywood Boat

I tried to make a boat that was small enough to fit in the back of any car, for I don't have a boat trailer. It was modeled off of the boat in this video:

Basically, I made the boat just large enough to fit me once I sit inside of it. It displaces enough water to do so, however, I sit quite low in the water, so any sudden movements (or even any type of movement) will probably cause water to splash inside. I caulked and screwed each of the pieces of wood to each other, so it is quite stable. The acrylic paint went on nicely and after two coats I don't think any water will be soaking the plywood. (As quickly as it would have) 

Improvements: There is literally no room to move; I would probably fall out. Next time I think a bigger boat would be better to build, or some sort of removable ballasts on either side to stabilize it. The propulsion system was also lacking, but a kayak paddle, or piece of wood, should do.

Crazy Idea: If I did make a bigger boat, I could probably make a sail out of PVC and old tent parts and try to sail it. (But not at my current proving grounds.) How knows, maybe even a cabin could be built relatively easily.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Not bad at all. Nice little pond boat, though the OSB won't last long once it gets wet. If you want a larger boat then make two of these and clamp their transoms together. Dig around on the net and you'll find several different packable/stackable boats. Some of which are quite nice and have been around for a few years.
    I would suggest that if you do build more, then put in chine logs and sheers, gives something for the screws to bite into. Of course, if you go with epoxy (stitch and glue) you won't need them.
    For a three in one boat look up Butterfly in Mechanix Illustrated. For boats similar to what you've built take a look at


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Haha, love the tiny little pond.

    This is a good idea for a design - I'm excited to see if you try that sail!