Introduction: The S'moregasbord

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Is there anything better than the closed-eye bliss following the first bite of a S'more? Probably not...

The classic is well... a classic, but we decided to go a little crazy with the S'more recipe.

Step 1: The Jumbo

Open wide! If marshmallow is your favorite part of a S'more than the extra large size of this fluffy treat is just for you. Good thing Jay did his jaw stretches before starting with this big-bite snack.

Step 2: The Bacon

What do you do to make a classic food more delicious? Add BACON, duh.

Reed likes bacon, need I say more?

Step 3: The Bacon Mango

OK, so bacon is not the end of the story. Mango is a pretty failsafe ingredient too. We replaced the Chocolate with apple, just for fun. This was Jay's creative adaptation of Reed's innovation.

Step 4: The Cookie Bacon

OK, so maybe we are getting a little carried away with this bacon thing, but it is a pretty great combination. Try adding chocolate chip cookies instead of cookies if you are keen on something a bit doughier. Yeah, Reed really likes bacon.

Step 5: The Waffle

OK, so I'm finished with bacon for now, but lets not give up on breakfast ingredients just yet. Waffles make great receptacles for sweet and delicious toppings, so why not use them for s'mores. Lydia got creative with some Nutella and raspberries too.

Step 6: The Waffle Returns

How about doubling the waffle volume and adding some banana? The waffle is almost as fun to roast as a marshmallow and if you fold it just right it makes a great cup for the rest of the ingredients. Check out Peter's expert eating technique.

Step 7: The Pretzel

Fancy a bit of salt? Try replacing the graham cracker with a pretzel and add a peanut butter cup instead of straight chocolate. And why not a piece of banana just for good measure. Patchi loves pretzels.

Step 8: The Mexican

Matthew's hunger for Mexican food is insatiable. He'll drive out of his way just to pass by his favorite taco stand and, goes camping just as an excuse to sleep in a burrito shaped bag. It is only logical that he would create a delicious s'more taco. Mango, chocolate and marshmallows are sprinkled with just a touch of cinnamon before being wrapped in a corn tortilla in this masterpiece.

Step 9: The Asian

Although his love for tacos is undying, Matthew isn't afraid to dabble a bit in other fine cuisines. As it turns out Pocky makes a pretty good roasting stick for these small jelly-filled marshmallowy treats. No need to add a cracker or chocolate, the Pocky will take care of that.

Step 10: Minty Delight

Need something refreshing after a long day of eating S'mores? Mollie suggests a minty S'more to cleanse your pallet and your soul? Stack a sprig of mint on a peppermint cookie with the marshmallow and a raspberry just for good measure.

Step 11: S'mOreo

I think the name is enough with this one to express the magnitude of this treat's deliciousness. Take an Oreo and replace the cream filling with a perfectly roasted marshmallow. Thanks Robbie for this brilliantly simple concoction.

Step 12: Apple Bacon

So, I guess I was wrong. I wasn't quite done with Bacon. This one really tastes like New England in autumn. Try apple, bacon and walnuts with a dab of apple butter. Penny is a little nutty about apples, so this S'more fits her quite well.

Step 13: Alternative Designs

I'm not sure how many of these can really fall under the category of S'more, but they were delicious and fun to make. We'll call these the S'moreshkebab, the Teddy Blanket, the Inside Out, the Fruity Fire, and the Mini Bear Berry.

Step 14: The Aftermath

I guess we went a little overboard with these S'mores. Have you ever had a sugar rush and a food coma at the same time? Honestly, I don't recommend it. S'mores are a great treat for experimenting and creativity, but they are best enjoyed in moderation and among friends in order to avoid a stomach ache.

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