Introduction: The Snipepup a Bullpup Bolt Action Knex Railgun

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For starters this is a collaboration with dream wave and he will be posting his own version

I hereby present the snipepup a knex removable mag with internal mag pushers fed bolt action rail gun that can only be described as complicated, reliable, and powerful and is the sort of device that can only be thought up by a genius (dreamwave) and a complete idiot (yours truly) or a madman.

Now for the hard part how it works (each step as numbered will be with the pics as in step one will be with pic one and so on

Step one: (no pic self explanatory) put the bands on the ratchet mech

Step two : the round is picked out of the mag by the bolt

Step three: push the round down onto the second chamber

Step four: pull the trigger duh

Step 1: Pretty Pictures and Me Talking

Dreamwaves mech was perfect ( the bolt and mag) and it blends well with my mech to make the perfect compact sniping weapon.

Range:35-40 ft
Ammo orange connector green rod grey connector ( or in a pinch blue rods)
Mag: 8 round removable internal pin pusher

Special thanks to dreamwave for putting up with me for the week it took to make this gun and also for being a knex mech genius LOOK OUT FOR HIS VERSION (with a different mech) AND DONT FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE AND FAVORITE FOR BOTH OF US