A 'little' Snowy Friend?

Introduction: A 'little' Snowy Friend?

About: I am a University of Edinburgh electronics engineering student.

   Winter is the time when my creativity pushes me to sculpture things out of snow.

     One of my last creations is this dog. Sooo, let me introduce you!  It's called 'Masha'.  It is as tall as me and  is very friendly, it won't bite you. It took me and my sister around three hours to make Masha from start till finish (my sister is on the left on both pictures). As you see, it turned out to be strong enough to hold her and her friend both on its back without breaking.

HOW did Masha grow? (I should confess it passed many tipical periods: you know, puppyfat, acne vulgaris.....etc. )
And now seriously here are the steps.

     First,  to make this snow doggy I had to put lots of snow piling it up at one place and trying to make it as strong as  I could (which frankly isn't really easy in these proportions). And so I formed a compact pile as large as the dog's body height. But it was only the half of the work! Next came sculpturing.
     Afterwards,  I made holes between the upcoming beast's paws. Then I gradually smoothened down the legs and the body itself. Next was the turn of the neck end the head. So I continued piling up snow, forming the neck and then I put the head (which my sister had made) and fixed it with more snow.
     At last we sculptured the details - the muzzle, the ears, the tail.. and so on. It seemed to be ready!
   I should note the fact that in her short (but happy!) life Masha had made its best - it rode children (and those by nature) on its back and  made many people just stop for a while, make photos and smile!

ATTENTION: If you are making a snow dog you have to be sure that beforehand (as we did, of course) you put in it the most important, irreplaceable and unique ingredient:  love, love, love!

   Hope you like it and I am waiting for your comments!

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