Introduction: The Social Distancing Hat

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Keep everyone 6 feet away with this DIY balloon twisted social distancing hat for the Coronavirus and COVID19.


Step 1: Inflate 12 Balloons

Fully inflate a dozen balloons

Step 2: Twist a Basic Hat

Begin by twisting a basic hat. Please utilize the instructional video if you need help with that.

Step 3: Reinforce the Hat

Use an additional balloon to reinforce and strengthen the hat. This is done by adding a support to each side in the middle of the hat. It's kinda tricky to explain so please refer to the images.

Step 4: Twist in the Social Distancing Arms

Take 2 of your inflated balloons and tie the ends together.

Then, twist those knots into the top of the hat you previously made.

Continue to repeat the process 4 more times to complete your social distancing hat.

Step 5: Social Distance Yourself!

Put on your hat, slap on a mask, and get out there safely!


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