Introduction: The Solar Oven Made of Cardboard

This solar oven is easy to use and make with just five simple steps. The steps include the materials, tin foil/shiny paper stickers,the oven exterior, angling the oven, and lastly, the plate. Using solar power uses less energy, and is better for the environment. You would be able to almost always use the sun's energy to cook great food. I'm in Middle school and doing a project in science about making a solar oven. By using these instructions, you'll also be able to make this oven. Let's get started!

Step 1: The Materials You Will Need

The materials you will need for this particular oven can be found within your home, or local store. There are ten major materials, if you need to use more than listed that will work, too. Here is what you'll need:

  1. 1) Medium cardboard box
  2. 1) 30 inch piece of tin foil or one piece of shiny sticker paper
  3. 4) small paper clips
  4. 2) small nails
  5. 1) large paper plate
  6. 1) 12 inch sheet of plastic wrap to protect your food from bugs
  7. 2) 6 inch pieces of Duck Tape
  8. 1) Pair of Scissors
  9. 1) Ruler, or Yardstick
  10. 1) Thermometer

Step 2: The Tin Foil or Shiny Paper Stickers

This step is fairly simple. All you have to do is put the tin foil down the width of the box. Leave the last section of the box blank(as shown in the picture). The tin foil has to be 30 inches, and if you are using a reflective paper sticker, use one-two pieces.

Step 3: The Oven's Exterior

Now fold the box on a middle crease and put two flaps together to make wings and tape them. This gives the box support,so when it stands up it will make the reflective part go up to the top. When placing the reflector wing, you are able to decide what kind of an angle will help you cook the food. In the front of the box, lift up the flap like the picture. Make sure that each side of the tin foil/sticker are even.

Step 4: The Angling of the Box.

This step takes some patience, so read the instructions very carefully. Take two nails and poke a tiny hole through the top flap. Next poke them through the reflector flap as tightly as possible and tape the sides just in case(you don't want the top of the oven to fall over while the food is in the middle of cooking). By doing this step, it helps angle the reflecting flap at the sun and plate.

Step 5: The Paper Plate

This is the easiest step, and the last, but still read the directions just in case you miss something.Get a paper plate and place it in the box(try to line it up to wherever the sun is shining). Make sure that you get some plastic wrap that is used for covering foods, and wrap the wrapping around the paper plate. This is used to make sure that no bugs get into the food you are making. The plastic wrap has to be 12 inches. Thank you so much for using my instructable to help you build your own oven. Hope this helped and thank you again.