Introduction: The Solar Powered Jack-o-Lantern! (yay)

HELLO THERE. if you were looking for an easy way to make a jack-o-lantern that lowers the risk of pumpkin fires, and lights itself at night, then congrats! here it is!

//thanks to pcapelo for letting me do this instructable. :) i thought of the idea three days ago, then found out that he already did something kind of similar to this... i got permission from him to do this. if you have an extra solar torch, go to his instructable and make a shhnaazzyy lantern!

here goes my very first instructable.

Step 1: Get Your Materials!!

Things you will need:

-a pumpkin
-carving utensils
-a solar powered garden light
-the sun


Step 2: Take Apart Solar Torch

Actually, you're not really taking it apart completely, just separate the metal stand from the rest of it and you're left with the solar cell "UFO" and the glass bowl thing attached under it.

but if you want, the top should twist off really easily so that you end up with the "UFO" and LED thing at the bottom (like the third picture). if not, then that's what hammers are for.

Step 3: Make Your Jack-o-lantern! (yay)

- grab your carving utensil of choice and make a super-cool jack-o-lantern that'll impress your friends.

-make sure to make the hole at the top (where the stem is) a little more than the circumference of the largest part of the glass enclosure and less than the circumference of the UFO part so that it can just sit.

-you can cover the insides in foil so that more light is reflected around the pumpkin and it'll look mighty cool.

//for mine, i wanted to make it either a robot jack-o-lantern, or the tinman from Wizard of Oz so it matches the solar cell, but i ended up not having time and rushing over to get to church to help out with stuff. -_- so what i have is the best i could do. i dont have any silver spray paint so i think ill just cover it in foil or something and make it look cool.//

- if you don't know how to carve a pumpkin, then learn how to carve a jack-o-lantern
and if you want to take some pictures of your wonderful masterpiece, then learn some Tips for Halloween pumpkin pictures

//...i hope i'm allowed to link to those instructables..i thought they were useful :-)

Step 4: Put on the Pumpkin's New Hat

place the solar powered torch UFO and glass enclosure into the hole on the top of the pumpkin (an ideal spot for charging your pumpkin!)

let it charge and wait for what seems like hours on end for night to come...

take it outside...

then take pictures of your wonderful new creation!

//unfortunately i only had a kodak easyshare brick-like camera on hand so the pictures may not be too dandy, but you can still make out what everything is, so im hoping itll be fine :-)

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