The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010) Prime Merlinian Dragon Ring

Introduction: The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010) Prime Merlinian Dragon Ring

So right after I came across the internet and saw some people asking how to make Merlin's Dragon Ring from the movie "The Sorcerer's Apprentice"(2010). Since No one has ever made a post about a ring that he/she made (At least one has already posted about his own made Dragon ring :D). Well even though there is anyone who made their own, it's probably with help of a machine or expensive and complicated materials that many people could not afford or can't find where to buy. Well I'm probably one of the lucky fans of The Sorcerer's Apprentice as I have made my very own Merlin's Dragon ring using things found at home!
------------------------MATERIALS USED------------------------
-Illustration board (You may use hard cardboard instead)- I used this for the Wings, The mouth, nose, jaw, tongue, and the interiors used for giving the body of the ring a very hard build.
-Hard plastic used for packages (it kinda has a dotted details which was actually good)- I used this for the Back Armor, The legs and claws, the horns on the dragons head. I used this material for the legs mostly because of the texture. The texture of it (dotted pattern) gave a really realistic looking Merlin's Dragon Ring.
-Green Circular/Oval Bead/Stone- Using stone will give the ring a more realistic look but since I didn't have any available, I used a bead. Got it from my sister's old toys. Then I cut off the part where you put the string through, and cut them into two pieces, adjusted it, then glued them below the horns of the dragon's head, which formed the eyes. And inserted the green circular bead through the opening.
-Wire- I used about 5 inches of heavy gauge wire for the ring itself (the part where you put your finger through) and some thin wire, divided into 6 to form the skeletal frame on the wings.
-Aluminum Tape- Got some aluminum tape, shaped it, then applied it to every part for the color and the shine. Aluminum foil is NOT recommended. But you can still use foil but you better make your own way. :P
------------------------PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER------------------------
Right after making the parts, I consumed 3 packs of super glue gluing all parts together and adding a layer of super glue on the outside to make it have a really, really, very strong build. But since it looks all ragged up and worn out, I added a layer of No chip Top Coat to give the dragon ring a shiny look. And 3 layers on the green bead to protect it from being scratched and giving the bead a genuine stone look. Wait for it to dry, and there I had it. My very own, Merlin's Dragon Ring.
Now I wear this ring for fun, showing it to people, which led them to ask where I BOUGHT it. (LoL) I am the Prime Merlinian after all.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    wow when i first saw it i thought it was genuine metal and a stone. exellent job! jerk. u tricked me!! =)

    I can't tell you used all those different materials. The ring looks great!