Introduction: The Spa

First off, thank you jaylabrosse for the idea and inspiration. I reviewed your instructable many times. Check out jaylabrosse’s ‘Off Grid Propane Powered Hut Tub at

Step 1: The Beginning.

I started by collecting most of the items I would need. Then added onto my existing garden shed at the lake’s edge.
Put the tub in before the walls and door are installed. I had painted the tub before installation with the high heat paint.

Step 2: Closed In.

Closed in the structure including 2 opening windows (mandatory ventilation) leftover from another renovation.

Step 3: Installed the Heat Source

Had to raise the tub and modify the new Camp Chef stove to fit under and between the tub’s feet.

Step 4: Get Water to the Tub

Difficult to see but mounted a submersible pump to the side of the dock and ran sump pump flexible hose to a high flow water filter (shown next photo) then looped over the tub’s edge.

Step 5: Mechanical

Mounted a high flow water filter and 20lb propane tank outside. Put a plywood cover over top.

Step 6: Safety Safety Safety

Added a new fire Extinguisher.
Installed a new carbon monoxide detector.
(Kathy fixed up an old milk can for a stool and added a little rug.)

Step 7: It Has to Be Nice.

Put some planking on the back wall and Kathy did some decorating. Added a little ‘drink’ shelf which
holds the pillow when not in use. You can see black pvc elbows I used to hold the water line in a hook shape.
The overflow and holes from the removed taps have been covered or plugged for maximum water depth.

Step 8: The View

Had a much needed soaker on June 17 2017 and was lucky to be joined by several fireflies along with the sounds of the Whip-Poor-Will calling from a distance.

How we use it.

Open both windows.

Plug in pump and begin filling tub.

Open propane tank.

Light three burners on Stove.

Unplug pump when water is at the correct level.

Leave stove running for about 25 minutes / proper temperature is reached.

Turn off Stove. Close propane tank. Wait 10 minutes for heat from tub to dissipate into the water.

Enter and enjoy the insect free session. The tub and water really hold the heat for a long time.

Thanks again for the idea jaylabrosse

Step 9: View of 'The Spa' From the Lake