Introduction: The Spastic Scarecrow

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This is a street art project for school. The final outcome is a dead bird that will react to the presence of people.

Requirements for the bird ?

  • An old black T-shirt / cloth
  • Black feathers
  • Black ducktape
  • Glue
  • Thick and thin iron wire
  • Black clay
  • Suicidal tendencies
  • Needle and thread

A/N: the black things are optional, because we wanted to make a black bird.

Arduino components ?

  • Arduino (2 leds, 2 normal servos)
  • Arduino breadboard
  • Ultrasonic sensor

Step 1: Wings & Body

Make a framework with the iron wire.

Cut the black T-shirt into a smaller piece that covers the whole framework of iron wire.

Use the needle and thread to keep the shirt in place.

Now use the glue to stick the black feathers on the shirt/cloth.

Step 2: Head & Feet (optional)

Use the clay to make head (& feet).

IF you want to make the feet, you can use the iron wire as a frame work.

Step 3: Coding & Build

Step 4: Result

This was our result. :)


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