The Special Cake Box (Cardboard Box Transformation)



Introduction: The Special Cake Box (Cardboard Box Transformation)

Hye everyone!

For a school assignment we had to work with cardboard.

We had to focus on a typical carboard box and create an added value to it.
It was very important to maintain a connection between the new extra asset and the type and function of the box.

I chose for the typical cake box. Those are boxes of corrugated paperboard of 3mm. A lot of bakeries use it
to put all their sweets in it so that they can't be damaged while hitting the road.

Also hobby cooks can buy these type of boxes in their local hobby shop.

My idea is to add your gear that you buy on festivities like crowns, masks, etc. is integrated in your box!

I hope you like the idea!

Good luck making it and enjoy the cake!

Step 1: Material List & Templates

Check out the tools you will need. Make sure you have everything by hand.
Don't forget to start with a cardboard sheet with the dimensions of 472 mm x 945 mm!

You can also check out 3 different samples for occasions like: father's day, three kings' day and carnival.

In the next steps I will show you how to work further with the bow tie.

Step 2: Print/Cut/Draw

First, print out the red bow tie on an A4 stickerpaper!
Cut out the figure with the help of scissors. The dots in the middle can be pushed out with a perforater or a cutter.

Second, print out the cardboard template on an A1 paper, or just on seperate A4 formats that you stick to each other.

Draw the outlines of the cardboard template on the cardboard sheet.
You can already paste your sticker on the sheet if you can't wait (just like i did!)

Up to the next step!

Step 3: Cutlines Vs. Bendlines

Now it's time to cut and bend!

Make sure you look very good at the plan so you don't mistake cutlines for bendlines!

Follow the lines with a cutter. Push hard for the cutlines and push very lightly for the bendlines.
because corrugated cardboard is hard to bend precisley!

Step 4: Cutlines Bow Tie

Now we have to make half cut-outs around the bow tie sticker. It's very important that the bow tie is stuck in the box
so that there no bowtie will be in the cake. At the other hand, the bow tie must come out easily while pushing.

For this I used a special tool. It's like a little knife that rolls according a ruler. It makes cuts but with some space in
between. In this way the bow tie is half stuck in the box and is easy to push out!

You can also just do it with a cutter. Make some cuts but leave enough space!

Step 5: Bend

Now bend the box precisely according the bend lines you have cut before.

Step 6: Finishing Touch

To pimp your cake box you can add some images on the sides. It gives your box a completely other look!

You can choose to also add some text or just write a nice comment on the box!

For the attributes, you just have to add some elastic cord through the holes. When you use an elastic cord
it fits (mostly) everyone's head

Step 7: The End Result!

Congratulations! You have made it!

Have a lot of fun while celebrating and enjoy the cake!

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