Introduction: The Sport Of: Sprocket

Sprocket is a mix of three sports (i forgot two of them, one is soccer ?) that my friend and i came up with on a rainy day. it is and INDOOR game (we like to consider it a sport).

Step 1: Goals; Goal Rules; How to Start

In the picture, you'll see the two large openings between the rooms, those will be your goals. The only way the goal will count is if the ball TOUCHES THE GROUND in the goal "zone". What I mean by that is that the defender can save the ball by hitting the ball out of or away from their goal, or catching the ball before it hits the ground in their zone.

STARTING: To start, just have one of the players throw the ball off of the wall, right between the arrows above (half field/court) and have a tip off like basketball, and yes, you can score off of a tip off.

Step 2: Ways to Play

-you can score/save with any part of your body, and you can catch/throw/hold the ball
-you can only throw the ball in your half of the field/court

-you cant use your arms, and if you do, the other player gets the ball
-the only exception is saving the ball, and you can hit it out, or catch to save, but you can only hold the ball for 2 seconds.

Step 3: Other Rules

-you may play off of the walls
-there is an optional speed violation if someone blasts the ball to hardand scores, the other player(s) get the ball
-you can play 2v2

Step 4: Other

We're testing other ways to play, so if anyone comes up with one or just has a suggestion, please comment about it. And if you have a question, just ask, i'll gladly help

**NOTE: I recommend using a ball, no more than 10 inches in diameter**