The Star of Glory Skateboard

Introduction: The Star of Glory Skateboard

a cool rectangular board

two semicircular planks

two supporting spindles,

four unique pulleys

two shafts.

Step 1:

First of all, we need a flattened semicircular

tube, which is cut with a hollow semicircular tube to get a smooth arc bottom plate.

Step 2:

And turn it upside down.

Step 3:

After that we can install the wheels to it, so make a base first.

Step 4:

Install it on the finished floor

Step 5:

And fixed it with screws.

Step 6:

Then we install the bracket of the skateboard wheel (made of two tripyramid splits).

Step 7:

Then we continued to install fixtures and reinforce the wheels.

As a result, the fixing frame of the wheel was installed

Step 8:

Then we can install the wheels.

Splice them together

Step 9:

Then you can add some decoration, such as pentagram, ring, can have a better effect.

Step 10:

After that, we will install the bottom plate copy, and adjust the splicing, get the complete skateboard bottom plate.

Step 11:

Next, we'll put the fabricated wheels on.

And make some trimming of it to achieve more realistic effects (such as bracket or reduction).

Step 12:

After that we have to make the skateboard complete and make the skateboard more perfect. so we need a semicircle column to lower the height to match the previous bottom plate.

Step 13:

Then use a hollow cuboid to cut it in a similar way to the first step.

Step 14:

Then it can be connected to the previous floor and match. So splice it up and add some pattern embellishment. Such a skateboard will come to fruition.

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