Introduction: The Star Streak Aka the Mini Monster Knex Weapon of Mass Destruction

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This gun doesn't need an introduction just look at the second and third pic NUFF SAID!! (About 3-4 cardboard boxes stacked inside each other a fit went through all but one inch of a red rod)

This gun combines the power of a bow with the reliability of a rail gun/slingshot and the size of a bullpup.

To be honest this just started out as a cannon but I realized that there has to be a more compact way to do it. The mass of rubber bands at the back give tension like bow arms but use much less space. The long bands stretch until a certain point then they pull the "bow arms" bands and create a huge amount of tension on the trigger (my own design that has never broken EVER) that can then be released to shoot the ammo at crazy ranges for something this size.

Range 90-100 ft depending on ammo and bands
Very accurate to about 30-35 ft then you need to arc the round
Single shot
Rof depends on user but i got about 8-10 rpm on my trials

DISCLAIMER don't be an idiot don't shoot your friends shoot your bother instead

DISCLAIMER 2 this gun CAN AND WILL break SKIN only shoot at siblings (or maybe that pesky cat or that girlfriend that you just can't dump) not friends

My ammo choices
Note all ammo must have a red 3 slot connector or grey 2 slot connected attached to the rear

Sharpened ammo
Sharp finammo
NOT OODAMMO it doesn't fit the barrel without modifications

YES it is UGLY but it is just a PROTOTYPE and will have more versions made