Introduction: "The Steampunk Garden" in a Bulb

Based on an idea of Mr. Ravensdale from the Clockworkers Forum I build a little garden from a big 300W bulb.

Parts you need:
  • A salad bowl (as the stand)
  • A solar garden light with LED
  • A big bulb
  • Some copper tubes, fittings and parts
  • A switch
  • Some pieces of wood
  • Some brass applikations
  • Brass screws, bold´s and nuts.
The original idea can be found here: CLICK

Step 1: The Bulb and the Stand

Remove the inner parts of the bulb.
Drill and cut some holes for the bulb, the switch, the holder and the solar panel

Step 2: The Solar Panel and the Electronics

Disassemble the solar garden ligth, so you will have the LED, the solar panel and the electronics with the accumulator.
Place the electronics and the accumulator inside your stand and connect the LED and the solar panel.
The switch ca be placed in the lines of the solar panel.
If you switch it off, the LED will light up.

From a small round piece of wood and some brass applications I created a holder for the solar panel.
The LED was placed in the middle of the holder like picture No. 3.

Step 3: Mounting Everything Together

Assemble everything as shown in the pictures below.

I filled some sand and some plants inside the bulb.
The bulb is sealed completely.
Now the plants are still growing without any additional water or air.

If its becoming dark the LED will lit and it looks like moonshine inside the bulb.

You can use every kind of bulb, even the smaller one.

Have fun