Introduction: The Steampunkers Pocket Machine - or a Victorian MP3 Player

Dear Steampunkers out there, dear followers

I would like to present you this time something steampunky which is based on a small machine we used some years ago, before we got our Smart Phones. During one of my expeditions thrue the junk yards in my town I found three old DELL AXIM Pocket Computers. You know me dudes, I could not let them there...
Because my MP3 player was broken a few weeks ago I had the idea to use one of these DELL AXIM's to listen to my favourite music.

As usual this instructable will be something to inspire you. May it will be difficult to get the same parts - but be creative - in Steampunk everything is possible...

Step 1: The Sandwich Technique

May some of you remember my project called "The SteamPad". This computer was built in a special and easy way - I call it the "Sandwich Technique". You will find this project here:
The idea is to use a wooden front and a wooden back, the device will be between like in a sandwich.
The back is a simple peace of wood, while the front is made with two layers. The thinner one is cutted to fit the screen and the thicker one to fit the device. For the power button I drilled a hole.
After cutting and cleaning I painted the covers and used a nice varnish.

Step 2: Assembling and Finish

To close the "Sandwich" I choosed six old brass spray nozzles, because they fitted exactly the thickness of the device. I drilled a hole thrue the nozzle and used a brass srew to close the "Sandwich. For the power button I just glued a small brass screw onto the button with power glue - that was the easiest way to go and the button is protected from the brass screws, because they are a little bit higher.
Further I mounted an old vacuum tube between the top and the bottom. That looks awesome and it hides the open sides of the "Sandwich"...

Step 3: The Steampunk Pocket PC Theme

By chance I found in the web a great site to create an own theme for the old pocket computers. Here you go:
I used my logo and in a few very simple steps you have an own customized theme....

Step 4: The Docking Station

To present the machine in a eyecatching way and to charge and transfer data I rebuilt the DELL docking station. I used brass, wood and metal to create something really steampunky.....

Step 5: The Conclusion

The upcycling of this old DELL AXIM was a lot of fun and if you use it to listen your favourite music in the train, people are very interested and curious what the hell it is...

So may a nice idea to build your own one - this pocket pc's are easy to find....

Sincerely yours

The Chocolatist