Introduction: The Stig Costume

Ever wanted to be The Stig for Halloween, but didn't want to spend $600 for an authentic Simpson Diamondback helmet just like the real stig? This Instructable will show you how to make a realistic looking helmet for around $65. This is a very quick instructable. Even though there are many steps, each one should only take one minute at most.

Step 1: Materials

1) One typhoon helmets snell m rated white helmet. $60
They can be found here:

2) One roll of white electrical tape (not duct tape). $2

3) One roll of black electrical tape (not duct tape). $2
Electrical tape can be found at any hardware store.

3.5) Scissors. $0

4) (optional) One piece of normal clear scotch tape. $0

5) (optional) One piece of paper and a printer. $0

Step 2: The "Nose"

Take the helmet out of the box, and cut a 1.5 foot long piece of white electrical tape. On the visor, bend the tape in the shape of the Stig's nose. This step is crucial, and is really hard to understand so take a look at the pictures for good measure.


Step 3: Covering Up the Holes

Cover up the black vents at the bottom of the front of the helmet with white electrical tape. 

Step 4: The Visor 1

Cut a piece of white electrical tape the length of the top of the visor, and put it at the top of the visor.

Step 5: The Visor 2

Cut a two pieces of white electric tape and put them on the sides of the visor like in the pics below

Step 6: The Visor 3

Cut several pieces of white electrical tape to fill the gaps on each side of the visor. 

Step 7: Covering Up the Holes 2

Cover up the holes on the top of the helmet with white electrical tape. Then put a piece of electrical tape connecting both of the holes to streamline the look. 

Step 8: The Visor 4

Now, take the black electrical tape, and put it on the visor, leaving only small holes for you to see through. During this step, it will be helpful if you try on the helmet every time you put another piece of tape on so that you can make sure that you can still see out of it. The goal of this step, however, is to make sure that no one can tell who you are! (the Stig's identity should be kept secret.

Step 9: The "gills"

Now we make the side vents that are on the stig's helmet with both black and white electrical tape. First, Cut 2 small white and 2 small black pieces, all of equal length. Then, cut 2 larger white and 2 larger black pieces, all of equal length. First, put the black pieces on, the smaller ones closer to the nose, at a slight angle. then put the white pieces over them to make them thinner. This is really confusing, so take a look at the pics below before you start.

Step 10: The (optional) Simpson Logo

To make your helmet look more like the simpson diamondback, you can print out this logo:  and attach it with normal tape to the visor!

Step 11: You Are Done!

Congratulations! You have completed your Stig helmet! Nice job!
If you match this helmet with an I am the Stig shirt from the BBC store, you have a really nice costume!


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