Introduction: The Stinger, Enemy of Small Mammals Everywhere

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Don't you just love inflicting pain upon small mammals? What, you don't? OK I guess that's just me. Even if you aren't a sadistic freak you can still enjoy the wonders of shooting stuff. The Stinger is a small, very simple air cannon that I designed and made awhile ago. It's one of the first air cannons I've made that I actually got right!

The Stinger is a great project if your just beginning your journey into the lands of air cannons, or if your a pro who wants another nifty cannon to shoot stuff with.

!WARNING! This cannon can potentially hurt/kill/emotionally destabilize people. If your smart, follow directions, and aren't incredibly unlucky, you'll be perfectly safe. Never use this cannon for evil, employ its powers for the good of all. And don't shoot people with it,... unless they have it coming. For those of you without a sense of humor, that last bit was a joke. Don't shoot people with this. Unless it's with marshmallows. No one ever died from being hit with a marshmallow, except for that one guy, so if you want to be safe just follow the first rule of gun safety, 1. Don't talk about gun safety.

!The SERIOUS WARNING! This cannon is made out of PVC. PVC can explode at high pressure, and that will hurt/kill you. Never give this cannon more than 6 pumps or so and you'll be fine. Cold weather can also make PVC air cannons more dangerous.Also, don't hurt people or yourself with this. If you do, which you shouldn't, it's not my fault.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

The list is short and the parts are cheap. They should have everything you need at your local hardware store except for the tire valve. You can get that at an auto shop.

-a 1/2" PVC ball valve
-a 1/2" PVC to 1" adapter
-a 1" PVC coupler
-a 1" PVC end cap
-a 2" long piece of 1/2" PVC
-a  27" long piece of  1/2" PVC (this is the barrel)
-a 12" long piece of 1" PVC (this is the tank)
- a tubeless tire valve ()you can use an old valve from a bike inner tube if you feel like it.)

-PVC cement and primer

Gather all your stuff and head to your lair.

Step 2: Ready the Valve

Take your 1" end cap and your drill. Make a " hole right in the middle. This will be for the valve to fit through. Now take your tubeless tire valve, put it through the hole you just made, and glue it it in there. Use something that is strong like plumbers goop or super glue. Apply pressure to it and allow to dry. Man that was easy!

Step 3: Dry Fit Your Pieces

Take all those pieces that I told you to get, and line them up according to the picture above. Make sure you know how all the pieces fit together. 1/2" barrel goes into the ball valve, ball valve goes into small piece of 1/2" PVC, 1/2" PVC goes into 1/2" to 1" adapter, 1/2" to 1" adapter goes into  the tank, the tank goes into the end cap. Boom, you got it.

Step 4: Glue and Glide

Now go outside. Go back inside to grab all your pieces, then go back outside to glue them all together. Remember, PVC cement is permanent your not allowed to make mistakes. Big Brother will punish you. I suggest that you don't glue the barrel in. This allows you to possibly use different barrels, or load your barrel from the back.

Once everything is glued, it's time for everyone's favorite part. Waiting for it to dry.(Unenthusiastic) Hurrah! I suggest you use this time to figure out where you're going to hide the evidence for your upcoming animal cruelty trial.

Step 5: Fire in the Hole! Or, Your Cannon to Be Exact

Are you ready to harass animal everywhere? No? Weirdo. I guess you'll have to use your new air cannon for mundane uses like A MARSHMALLOW SHOTGUN. To operate your new gizmo simply attach a bike pump to the tire valve, give it four or so pumps, and turn the ball valve. It's that simple.

Now you have to decide what to shoot from it. Loading it with marshmallows makes a great shotgun effect. Marbles and AA batteries also make good ammo. Remember, be safe, and don't have any fun ever.

I hope you liked this instructables. If you have any questions, please leave a comment. Also, feel free to leave a comment about how incredible you think I am, because I know you do.