The Strong, the Square, the Wood....THE BOX!!!

Introduction: The Strong, the Square, the Wood....THE BOX!!!

Instructions to building a sturdy 5 sided box.

Step 1: Materials

- (1) 2x4 ( min. 6' long)
-1/4" thick plywood (5'x6' sheet)
- 2 3/4" drywall screws ( min. 12)

-Spray pain ( color of your choice)

-wood primer paint ( color of your choice)

Step 2:

Cut 2x4 into 4, 16" long segments.

Step 3:

Cut the plywood into one 2' 3/4" x 17" piece.

* Best way to cut this piece is if you have a table saw.

Step 4:

One by one take the 2x4's and screw them into they top piece of plywood.

Use 2 screws each.

*As pictured, makes sure the 2x4 is vertical and along the longer side of the ply wood.

Step 5:

Cut two, 2' 1/2" x 14" pieces of plywood (From same original piece of plywood).

Step 6:

Attach the last 2 pieces of plywood to the long (rectangular) side of the box.

Use 4 screws per side

Drill the screw in on each corner of the box, and make sure the screw is entering the wood for stability.

*use extra screws if needed/wanted

Step 7:

Cut two 17" 3/4" x 14" pics of plywood.

Step 8:

Use 2 3/4" screws, and screw each piece onto the box.

This is the final step. Once you have done this you should have a 5 sided box.

Congratulations YOU DID IT!!!!!!

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