Introduction: The "Super Bullet"- Possibly the Fastest Paper Airplane Ever?

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My friends made this airplane in science class one day, and when they threw it, I was amazed at the speed- It was actually quite a bit faster than a shot from the NAR Knex gun (although it won't get the serious range that the NAR gets, but it goes decently far).  I have looked all over the internet, using search engines on Google, Youtube, and Instructables, and haven't found any tutorials for this type of airplane. (I used the search line "Fastest paper airplane")

This airplane is asymmetrical, has a thick and heavy tip, and a slimline design.

WARNING- this airplane really DOES fly fast, unless you don't put power into your throw.  If thrown around people in a crowded room, make sure everyone wears safety goggles.

This instructable is an entry in Paper Airplane Contest 5

Video coming soon, possibly 5/30 at the earliest.

Step 1: Starting Off...

To start off, you need a sheet of normal printer paper (Picture 1 ).  Fold one corner of it downward (picture 2 ), so the corner touches the opposite edge.  Now fold the edge the corner is touching downwards (Picture 3 ). 

This next part is tricky to explain in words, but if you follow the pictures (I tried my best to get a High-res picture), it should be fairly simple.  Fold the resulting edge on the top right corner on the paper down diagonally, making sure to follow the line created by the previous fold (Picture 4 ).  Now fold it in a similar way (Picture 5 ).  Keep going until the very tip is wrapped around itself (Pictures 6-8 ).

That should do for now.  Proceed to step 2.  Man, I probably should have edited in some arrows using Paint but oh well.

Step 2: Final Folds.

This next part is slightly tricky.  You must now fold the hanging tip into a pocket on the airplane that was created in the last step.  This keeps the airplane together.

First things first, you need to create a pocket.  Use your fingers, and try your best to replicate Picture 1 .  Now tuck the tip into the pocket as shown in Picture 2 .  Fold your airplane in half, making sure that the side with this pocket is face up .

Congratulations!  You've finished your super bullet!  But now, you need to know how to hold and throw your airplane.  For holding and throwing, proceed to step 3.

Step 3: Holding and Throwing.

Here is where you learn to hold and throw it.  To hold the plane, just look at the pictures. They show you your finger positioning on both sides. To throw it, hold your hand back like you were throwing a regular ball, but with your fingers in the position to hold the plane.  Now just throw it as if you were throwing a baseball, and throw it as hard as you possibly can, but with the plane's nose perpendicular to the ground.

The speed at which it goes depends on the strength but if you can throw a ball pretty fast, this plane will also go EXTREMELY FAST.  Hope you have fun with your new plane!  It should last for a while too.