Introduction: The Survivalist's Cat Tree

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You're an outdoor guy or girl?
You're looking for a good excuse to do some outdoor stuff at home?
You're having a cat?
Welcome in my world!

In this i'ble I'll show you how to make a tree for your loved kitty. It's great fun to make and kitty will love it, believe me!

Step 1: Make the Structure

Choose a branch, exit leaves and build a structure - I had the chance to find a small dead olive tree.
Cats like high-altitude-platforms, so I decided to create a small platform in the top of the fork.
If you don't already have three points to make a solid one you'll have to invent a third branch.
Some rope.
Some bamboo.
Some basic shelter building skills.
And ready is your basic structure.
Keyword: TENSION. Use the shape the tree is giving you and use small pieces of bamboo to set pressure.

Step 2: Weave the Platform

Once you have the basic triangle you can fill it by weaving a net in the inside.
TENSION, again.

Step 3: Make It Soft

Got a piece of cloth? Use it to cover the platform opan robinson style.
Simple, nice, lowcost.

Our cats love their new toy. They're using it to take sunbaths because it stays outside...

Thanx for whatching!

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