Introduction: The Swingset Pull-up Bar!

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Are you out of shape and you want a cheap and easy way to be fit?  Look no farther than the swingset Pull-up bar!  For under $40 you can make your very own pull-up station right on your child's swingset! Work out your biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, and neck and build your upper body right in your backyard!  This project is cost efficient and will not require too much backbreaking work. (Hopefully!)

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Step 1: Materials

You will need...

* Pressure treated 4x4 wood
* Pressure treated scap 2x4 (I found mine in my workshop)
* 3/4" black iron gas pipe
* 2 threaded caps for the pipe
* Long nails
* Athletic tape/cloth
* Ready mix concrete


* Shovel
* Sledge hammer
* Regular hammer
* 7/8" flat wood drill bit
* A drill

Step 2: Digging

 Dig a 24-30" deep hole where you would like to place your 4x4.  Make sure this place is parallel to one of the beams on your swingset as shown in the picture.  Save the rocks you encounter while digging.  Later these will help to fill in the area between the post and the hole.  Place the 4x4 into the hole and make sure it stands up relatively straight.

Step 3:

Using the drill and drill bit, drill a hole in the 4x4 about 8-10" from the top.  This will be the spot where the bar that you exercise on attatches to the pole.  Make sure that parralell from the hole that you drilled is a spot on the swingset where you can drill another hole for the other side of the bar to enter.

Step 4: Pouring the Concrete

Make sure the 4x4 is straight up using the level.  Also make sure that the pole is in the exact position you want it to be because when the concrete dries theres no way to move it (sort of like the saying measure twice, cut once).  Have somebody hold the wood up and you can pour the mixed concrete into the hole.  Place the rocks you saved earlier on top of the wet concrete to hold up the wood.(You may need to gather more rocks)

Step 5: The Boost

Before the concrete dries,  sledge hammer a piece of the 2x4 next to the 4x4 on the swingset side of the 4x4 as shown in the picture.  Nail this to the 4x4 to help it remain upright.  This will help you to reach the bar if you aren't quite tall enough. To use this 2x4 step, just step on to it with one foot and launch yourself up to the bar and hold on.

Step 6: Preparation for the Bar

On the swingset, drill a hole on the beam parallel to the 4x4 using the drill and drill bit.  Make sure the hole in the 4x4 is the same height up as the hole in the swingset so the pull-up bar will be level.  Use a level to double check that the bar will be perfectly horizontal.  You don't want to be sliding onto one side of the bar!

Step 7:

Slide the pipe through both holes and put one of the caps on each end so it stays on.  Pull the bar from side to side to truly make sure it is staying in.  Wrap the pipe with athletic wrap to add grip to your pull-up bar.  Your pull-up bar may rust in the rain and to prevent this from happening, add an extra layer of athletic tape for protection.  This will also prevent you from getting blisters.

Step 8: Enjoy!

To begin use, Place your left foot on the piece of 2x4 to boost yourself up and grab the bar.  Congratulations! You have completed your very own diy pull-up bar!  Don't spend money going to the gym, just workout in your own backyard, for a fraction of the cost it would take to buy a gym membership!  Enjoy!


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