Introduction: The Tactical Pack

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Are you ever having trouble with carrying your camping supplies? To solve your problem, I have invented The Tactical pack. The Tactical Pack is a double layer backpack with water and needed camping supplies.

Step 1: Make the Attachments

Now for the first step, you'll need to get your supplies:

  • a clear bendable tube (or long straw)
  • a water bottle or two
  • electrical tape (or any water sealing tape)
  • a knife (or nail)
  • any needed camping supplies ( Knives, matches, lighter, fishing supplies, etc.)

Once you have this, take one water bottle and screw the cap on. Take the knife or nail cut and a hole in the cap. After you have done this, get your tube and put it on the top of the bottle and wrap it around with the tape.

Step 2: Put the Supplies In

For the last step, you will need all your supplies to go in the pack. Once your supplies are in, you can take it on a hike, trip or even a run. Thank you for reading and please vote!

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