Introduction: The Thing Body Paint

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my co worker asked me to paint The Thing from Fantastic 4, so I did! I think it turned out ok. Haha. Halloween is coming! have any ideas? just let me know!

Step 1: Outline and Base

I used my white eyeliner pencil to outline where the mouth with be and then took a yellow body paint (mehron) and filled in my face.

Step 2: Details and Brow Bone

I used a black eyeshadow (blackout from urban decay) and lightly outlined where the nose, eyebrow bone, and wrinkles will be going.
I then took a brown body paint (mehron) and went over the same lines and also started the rock shapes on my brow bone.

Step 3: Brow Bone

I then took orange body paint (mehron) and placed it on random spots for the rocks.
I grabbed different shades of brown eye shadow (bh cosmetics) and went around each rock shape.

Step 4: Shadows

keeping the same few shades of brown eye shadow I shadowed around the brow and also created some angry expressions.

Step 5: Same Steps

for the rocks on the forehead I repeated the same steps, I just made the rocks bigger.

Step 6: Random Details

I used more brown body paint to make wrinkles coming off the eyes.

Step 7: Nose

I used that same brown body paint to outline the nose, I then grabbed more brown eye shadow to shadow around the nose and make it look bigger.

Step 8: Face Rocks

the rocks on the face I did the same way as the forehead.

Step 9: Black

I took some black eyeshadow to deepen up some spots on my face

Step 10: Nose

I made more rocks the same way on my nose and under it, I just made then smaller.

Step 11: Mouth

starting off the mouth I painted it white, then I used black body paint to add the teeth lines.

Step 12: More Lines

while I had the black body paint out I outlined some more lines I felt got a little lost. (nose, eyebrows, ect) then I outlined the mouth.

Step 13: Shadowing

I took black eyeshadow and shadowed around the teeth.

Step 14: No Ears

I took black body paint I covered my ears

Step 15: Body

I used that same yellow to cover my body.

Step 16: Cracks

I made three cracks with that same brown body paint

Step 17: Details

I then used some orange body paint for color, and brown eyeshadow to shadow.

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