Introduction: The Tomahawk a K'nex Assault Rifle

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A gun so good looking that it could be a fashion model (if guns could walk the runway)!

The tomahawk is a orange connector firing weapon that uses removable (non preloadable) magazines and a very reliable mech.

YouTube video link:


Range: 40-50 ft (9 bands)
Mag: 15 orange connectors (~20 white rods)


Very reliable
User friendly (large stock and trigger guard)
Good range and accuracy
Removable mags
Low friction ammo
Very tacticool (yes it is a word tactical+ cool= tacticool)
7 layers


Have to rock mags to remove (not straight out)
2 cut rods (in trigger)
A lot of tape
Not able to have pin guide because of stock
Non preloadable mags


Red Book Of Westmarch - inspiration on stock connection

Blue Mullet - inspiration from the SIG 552 (I stole your trigger from the SIG 552 while I was there)

Unknown - mag design

I might post instructions if anyone would like them!

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