Introduction: The Toolbook

In this instructable I'll be showing you how to make your own toolbook. This will hold all your tools and make it easy to only take the tools you need for the job you want to do.

Step 1: Downloading and Lasering the Components

The first step may be intimidating to most but it makes the best use of the material and makes the whole easier in use.

These illustrator files are made for the laser cutter I used with a laser bed of 60cm x 45cm. If the lasercutter you use has a different size you can just copy and paste the vectors to your need.

The 3 files contain the blueprints for 2 30cm x 20 cm pieces and 1 30cm x 40cm piece.

The material we used was ABS plastic 2mm thick. If you want to use another thickness (what we recommend) be sure to adjust the spacing of the slits.

Step 2: Clicking Together Pieces and Making the Boxes.

this step is pretty strait forward and easy. You can click together all the sides to make a box beginning with the 30 cm sides for both the big and the small box.

Step 3: Putting the Strings In.

In this example we used 6 mm elastic string to get everything in place and twisted some steel wire on the ends to keep them in place. I recommend using 2 long pieces per box and just going over from one side to the other (not 1 short run at a time as in the picture)

Step 4: Putting on the Hinges

I used half hinges in my design for easy assembly and disassembly for the parts. It's possible you need to trim the hinges down to fit.

We used pop rivets to connect the hinges to the boxes in the therefor foreseen holes made by the lasercutter

Step 5: Strapping In

As a way to carry everything easily use 2 straps and cut them to size (1m30 or longer) to put them around the boxes making sure that the tabs on the back are interlocked for better strength.

As a handle I used the excess strap that I cut off and sew it onto the straps.

Step 6: Optional

For easier storage you can make a box to hold the boxes. the internal dimensions should be 32cm x 21cm x 32cm (LxWxD). Also use 2cm wide rails on the bottom at least to make sure that the hinges don't interfere with each other when you take out the boxes. these strips should be 8 cm apart.

Step 7: Load Up With All Your Tools and Use

Just load up everything using the laser cut pieces as labels and holders between the elastics.