Introduction: The Tornado 480 Command V2

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This is my first ever: 16-shot, preload-every-shot, moderate range minigun!
It's one of my sweetest looking guns because it really looks like an actual minigun!
The only negative is that the reload system takes a very long time to well.. reload, duh!
The range is about 45 ft with good quality rubberbands that are double-folded.

Weight: 1.02 kg
Length: 71 cm

-16 shots
-pretty strong
-two handles
-awesome looks
-16 shots per 5 seconds

-the shooting top is a bit flimsy
-long reload time

You likey?
So go build it!

Step 1: Parts List

-14 greys
-4 reds
-52 yellows
-35 blues
-116 whites
-158 greens + 16 greens

-65 oranges
-60 yellows
-84 grays
-5 light grays
-17 whites
-13 greens
-28 reds
-22 dark blues
-43 purples

-4 tan clips
-16 ball joint click-ins
-8 small gear wheels (the grey ones)
-16/20 gray spacers
-5 blue spacers

Other things needed:
-16 folded-up rubberbands

Got the pieces?
let's move on then, shall we?

Step 2: The Trigger Pusher Plus the Front Handle

This part is to pull the block trigger small guns, and to have a grip on the front.

Step 3: Bi-pod

This part is to help it stand stable when you put it down.

Step 4: Rear Handle

This part is to have a steady grip on the gun

Step 5: Front

This part is to hold the gatling part in place so it will not demolish itself by spinning without the support.

Step 6: The Engine and the Engine Support

This part is to hold the engine in place which lets the gatling part turn.

The engine comes with the Starburst Spinner set.

Step 7: The Gatling Part

This part is the spinning part which makes the small guns shoot.
pic 6-11: build the part 8 times.

Step 8: Assembly

The pictures speak for themselves...
if you have a problem, contact me on my orangeboard.

Step 9: Loading

pic 1: get the gun
pic 2: pull back the firing pin
pic 3: get a green rod
pic 4: insert at the front
pic 5: click it so it will not come out
pic 6: do this 15 more times


Step 10: You Are Done!!!

Well Well Well,
you have built yourself the Tornado 480 Command V2
Have fun with my knex gun!!!