Introduction: The Traditional Skateboard

It's a traditional skateboard decorated with some art words.



Step 1: Make a Backplace

1.Select a box 1 in the shape generator and resize it to fit. Then select a dome and a box from the shape generator. Rotate the dome 90°.And resize it. Adjust the size of the box and combine it with the dome roof, and tilt 17 ° to get the combination 1.

2.Copy combination 1 and combine two combination 1 and box 1 into combination 2.

Step 2: Making Wheel and Skateboard Body

1.Select a torus, a multipoint cylinder, and a cylinder from the shape selector. Stretch and resize the donut (adjust color), resize the multipoint cylinder and cylinder (adjust color), and align the donut, multipoint cylinder and cylinder. Combine the ring and the multi-point cylinder to get the combination 3, copy the combination 3, and combine the cylinder and the two combination 3 to get the combination 4.

2.Select a dome and a cylinder, rotate the dome 90 ° and resize it. Adjust the size of the cylinder and align the cylinder with the dome to get the combination 5.

3.Copy combination 5, align combination 5 and combination 4, adjust the angle of combination 5, and combine them to get combination 6.

4. Copy combination 6 and combine it with combination 2 to get combination 7.

Step 3: Making Anti Slip Pad

1.Select a box, adjust its size, and copy it. Align and combine the two boxes and the combiantion 7 to get the combiantion 8.

Step 4: Making Decoration

1.1. Select the text, change its content to fire, adjust its size, align it with combination 8 and combine it to get combination 9. Select an exclamation point, resize it, copy it and align it with the combination 9 to get the finished product.

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