The Transformer (Mashup) - Made by Devasya Sharma and Shaurya Seam

Introduction: The Transformer (Mashup) - Made by Devasya Sharma and Shaurya Seam

Hi! I am Devasya Sharma and I am here with My friend Shaurya Seam! Today we want to show you one of our most unique idea which is VERY interesting! We are 13 years old and we have made our project entirely from scratch! We are students from India and we feel that our design has a lot of potential! We hope you like it!

Unique, special, new, extraordinary.....all of these words describe ‘The Transformer’ perfectly. What is The Transformer you ask? Well, the Transformer is a mix of a watch and a phone. This very practical design can be used more effectively than other smart watches. The width of this watch is thicker than all smart watches but not TOO thick! As you can see in the picture, it’s front half IS the phone! So whenever you need to text a friend and you don’t have your phone in hand, you can use the Transformer to text! Texting, dialling, calling, everything is easier with the Transformer! Let me show you HOW we made it........


Tube, cylinders, boxes...... are all you need!

Step 1: The Watch Itself....

As you can see from the image above, the watch is pretty high tech! It has a magnetic strap at the end! The white parts on the other picture above are the magnetic straps! Then we have the phone itself, with its apps, clock and dial pad! The texting gets a lot easier as the watch is a bit thick (But not TOO thick)! It is a 2 in 1 and and amazing product! Now let’s see the specific parts of it....

Step 2: The Dial Pad and the Screen

As you can see in the above pictures, the dial pad is equipped with full range speakers that have a frequency from 550hz-10,000hz. The screen is a touch screen that is equipped with all the apps available in any other along with the fitness centre and other apps that are only available on a smart watch! Now let’s move on to the last part, the strap....

Step 3: The Strap

The strap will be made from elastic metal, so that your wrists do not get uncomfortable and it will be available in custom colours! At the end of the strap, there are the magnetic straps, made to fit your hand better! The upside of this is that the watch would be less expensive than an iPhone and a smart watch combined together, but has the same amount of features!

Step 4: The Inspiration...

We made this watch-phone because we wanted to combine 2 of our favourite things - mine being a watch and Shaurya’s being a phone! Also because some people complain of not being able to hear properly in a smart watch so this is the product.....



Yes, you read the heading right! Now, the Transformer features online classes on Zoom, MS teams and many other platforms! You know that time when you forget to charge your iPad and you don’t have another device? Well, this will solve your problems! It has online classes which you can use to attend your classes! And it will have all the features that are there on any other device....

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