Introduction: The Treat Tumbler

The Treat Tumbler is a way to provide treats for wildlife while engaging their natural sense of curiosity. In order to get all of the treats such as peanuts in shells, corn, cereal, baby carrots, etc...the wildlife must tumble the basket box which will cause the treat filled balls to roll and spill treats. In order to get the treats all the way out, the basket box must be tumbled in order to make the treats fall out of the holes big enough to allow passage. Wildlife can't play with the treat tumbler if they don't find it so a sachet filled with catnip is used to attract foxes and possibly other animals. For sure, foxes love catnip! To keep the Treat Tumbler close by it was tethered to a tree since raccoons, and maybe other animals, will take items away if they can.

Step 1: A Few Simple Items Is All It Takes!

Items used for The Treat Tumbler:

  • 2 medium sized plastic baskets
  • 2 medium sized hard plastic balls
  • Drill to drill holes into the plastic balls
  • Zip ties to hold the baskets together to create a box
  • cat nip and plastic mesh with ends tied together to create a catnip sachet (irresistible)
  • Plastic coated wire (sporting goods department) to tether the Treat Tumbler to a tree
  • Treats to fill the plastic balls and basket box.

Drill holes in the plastic balls and fill them with treats. Fill the plastic mesh with catnip and tie the ends together. Put the treat filled balls and the catnip sachet into the basket box. Use the zip ties to attach the tops of the plastic boxes together to create the basket box.

Step 2: Place the Treat Tumbler in the Perfect Location to Attract Wildlife

Tether The Treat Tumbler to a tree or other stationary item so that animals can't get carried away and carry away The Treat Tumbler! Set up some game cameras so you can see just who comes to play.

Step 3: Deer, Raccoons, and Foxes Love the Treat Tumbler!

In the picture of the baby fox you can see the Treat Tumbler and other foxes to the right in the background.

The Treat Tumbler attracted and fed squirrels, raccoons, cardinals, crows, deer, foxes, and a couple of neighborhood dogs. All of the wildlife seemed very interested in engaging with the Treat Tumbler and a week after filling the balls and basket box it was completely empty.

Wildlife is fascinating to watch and they seem to enjoy a good game!

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