Introduction: The Trio Sliders

These sliders make a great meal for the entire family. Children and teens can make their own. It's fun and allows the family to gather at the table, talk, have fun, and work together to make a meal. It can also make great sides for parties, football season, or any other occasions.

Step 1: Gather All Ingredients

-Hawaiian Bread (small rolls)
-Ham, Bacon, and Roast beef
-Mayo and Mustard
-Lettuce,Tomatoes, and Pickles
-Onions and Mushrooms
-Cheese of your choice "Pepperjack and Sharp Cheddar used here"
-Your Favorite Choice of seasoning to flavor roast beef "Cajun was used here"

Ingredient amounts will depend on how many people need to be served.. Hope your good at math:)

Step 2: Creating the Middle

-Slice your onions "fajita style"
-Gather and rinse your mushrooms
-Sautee the onions and mushrooms (olive oil or butter)
-Warm up the Roast Beef with seasoning to add some flavor and heat "you can add Worcestershire sauce into roast beef for a rich bold flavor"
-Pre-heat the oven to 350
-Cut your lettuce into small pieces to go on sliders
-Slice tomatoes
-Gather pickles "depending on style of pickle they may need to be cut in half"
-Cut sliders in half and place them on a baking pan for at least 5-8 minutes to toast
-Put all your sides and topping into a serving tray or place them on a plate to create your sliders
-Gather your sauces such as Mayo and Mustard and any others you decide to use
-Place all items and sliders in the center of the table and start creating your Trio Sliders

Step 3: Eat Your Creation