Introduction: The Twisty Wrist Puzzle

The Twisty Wrist Puzzle. Takes only 5 minutes and is super easy to make! Let's get started.


  • 2 pieces of string ( each one approximately 4 feet long but doesn't have to be exact)
  • 2 people

Step 1: Making the Knot

First, we will take one of the pieces of string and make a loop like in step 1. Then we will fold the string back and hold it like in step 2. Then we will wrap the string around the loop until only little remains like in step 3. Look at the video below if you need help tying the knot.

Step 2: Finishing the Knot

Finally, we will put the string into the small loop during the starting and tighten just like in step 4. Repeat for the other side of the string and for the other string as well. Done! You can watch the video of me doing the knot if you need more help.

Step 3: The Puzzle

Now the real part. Make one person put their hands through both loops of their string and the other person put one hand through one of the loops of their string. Make the have a snug fit around their hands by tightening the knots so the string does not fall off. Loop the remaining string around the other string and then put the hand through the loop. In the end, the setup should look like the picture. Check the video if you need assistance. The challenge is to untie the other person without loosening the knot so both of the strings are separate and not together making the x. You can use your entire body.

Step 4: The Solution

Did you solve it by yourself? Let us know in the comments if you have any other solution besides this one. The solution to this puzzle is relatively easy. One person takes their string and inserts it through one of the loops of the other person's string. Then, with the loop that is made from their own string, bring it around the other person's hand and pull both of your hands and you both are free! Watch the video for a better explanation. Please vote for me in the PUZZLES SPEED CHALLENGE located on the CONTEST page if you liked this puzzle. Thank you so much!

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