Introduction: The Ultimate Burger!

About: A proud Dane

Back in 2009, two friends and i watched 'Epic Meal Time' on Youtube and decided to do something alike.
We decided to create 'The Ultimate Burger'!

If you're a girl watching this, you'll maybe have to turn your screen away, because this is guys-food. This is.... awesome.

This is a short intructable, but no worries - the result came out to be pretty amazing ;-)

I'm danish btw, so i'll excuse for my bad english on forehand.

Step 1: Visiting Your Grocer - Big Time!

So.. We went to visit our nearby grocer, and bought this.

What you need is:

- A package of 3 frozen pizzas - the cheap ones!
- A package of frozen beef burgers (our package contained 8)
- 600 grams of bacon
- 400 grams of cheese
- French Fries
- Garlic Baguettes.
- Friends

Step 2: The Build-up!

Because i hadn't any pictures of my build up step-to-step, i decided to show you have we did it, by using... paint.

The whole idea of the burger, is to use frozen pizzas as Top-Middle-Bottom, instead of just bread.
Then the idea was to stuff as much cheese, bacon & beef between these pizzas as possibles.

[PS: Remember to cook the bacon & the 8 beefs, before putting them into 'The Ultimate Burger']
   Or well, that's what we did, and it worked fine.

Step 3: Into the Oven!

And now.... into the oven!

Remember your French Fries & Garlic Baguettes also!
It needs as long in the oven, as it says on the frozen pizza package.

To decorate the whole thing a bit, we decided to spread bacon strips on top of 'The Ultimate Burger' as well.
We were stunned by the result.

Step 4: Eat and Enjoy!

Open up your bottle of beer, grab your fork & knife, and prepare yourself for this gastronomic meal.

Hope you enjoyed my guide guys. This was an easy one ;-)