Introduction: The Ultimate Crafter's Duct Tape Storage Box

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One day while organizing my workspace, I realized that I really needed a box to put all my pipe cleaners, pom pom balls, scissors, and other misc. items in. Then, the idea dawned on me: I was going to build a box out of duct tape to put all my supplies (and more) in! I decided to use a variety of duct tapes, just to make it look more creative. This box comes equipped with many storage compartments, all made to fit your daily needs. You can modify the Ultimate Storage Box to your liking, to fit your crafts and supplies. Just follow these instructions, and you will have your own customized Ultimate Craft Storage Box in no time!

  • A variety of duct tape, ranging from pink to polka dot
  • Kleenex Box
  • Toilet Paper Rolls
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Tools and Supplies to put inside
  • Velcro stick on squares
Time Needed: 1-2 hours

Let's get started!

Step 1: Duct Tape Sheets

First, make three duct tape sheets, front and back, measuring 13 inches and 7 inches. Trim the sides a little if they are jagged.

Then, make two duct tape sheets, front and back, measuring 7 inches by 7 inches.

Step 2: Assembling the Box

First, tape the 13 by 7 inch bottom sheet to the two 13 by 7 inch side sheets. Tape on the cracks, front and back. Then, tape the two 7 by 7 inch squares to each side. Your box is now assembled, and ready to be customized! Follow the rest of the steps to add pockets, handles, and compartments to your storage box to make it your own!

Step 3: Pipe Cleaner Compartment

This compartment is for pipe cleaners, which don't usually have a storage place. For this, figure out how big you want your pocket to be. It will depend on how many pipe cleaners you have; remember, the box is 7 inches tall. 7 inches is a lot of room for pipe cleaners to be stacked upon. You may want your compartment to be narrow because of how tall the box itself is.

Mark a straight line using a ruler on the bottom of the box, where you want to end the compartment. Then take a piece of cardboard the length of the box (13 inches) and tape it on the line. Tape it really well; tape on each side of the cardboard, and along the sides of the box.

Now you have a pipe cleaner compartment! Grab those pipe cleaners and toss 'em in!

Step 4: Square Compartment

This is an extra bonus compartment. You can really use it for whatever you want, which makes it so extraordinary! I used mine for two packages of plaster that I had no place for, that were really just lying there, lonely, with the pipe cleaners on the top shelf; They too were boxless.

This is quite simple. Take a Kleenex box, cut off the top (with the plastic opening) and duct tape it inside. Duct tape along the cracks and sides and EVERYWHERE that touches the duct tape box.

Step 5: Masking Tape Hanger

Pretty much any kind of tape can be stored in this spot, however, I chose to store my masking tape.

Hold your tape up to the front of the box and determine how high up you want to hang it. Then, measure how long the flap should be. Mine was about 4 inches long. Take one side of the Velcro and stick it on the end of the duct tape strip. Take the other Velcro square and stick it to the box. Duct tape the Velcro-less end of the strip to the box, somewhere in the hole of the tape.

Look at the pictures to see how nicely the tape hangs from the box. Now take your tape and hang it just like that!

Step 6: Scissor Sheath

This pocket on the front is a sheath for your scissors. It is fairly easy to make.

First, wrap your scissors up in duct tape, STICKY SIDE OUT. Cover the tip of the scissors with a smaller piece of tape, sticky side out. You should continue to wrap until the place at the top where the blade stops. Then with the scissors still inside, stick it to the side of the box. Wrap the sticky tape with sticky side in (normal) duct tape. Remove your scissors to admire your new scissor sheath, then stick 'em back in and continue on with this instructable.

Step 7: Automatically Created Compartment

When you put in the cardboard and Kleenex box, you automatically created another compartment I did not mention. I used this compartment for pom pom balls, since I was just using them out of the package they came in and wanted to dump them out somewhere. Therefore, the bottom line is, there is an extra compartment so dump some stuff into the compartment and move on.

Step 8: Pencil Side Pocket

On one side of the Storage Box, I put in a pencil pocket. Although you can make yours bigger, I only made mine have 4 pencil tubes.

To make a pencil tube, wrap your pencil with sticky side OUT duct tape. Take one piece of sticky side out duct tape and cover the point at the bottom of the pencil. Leave the eraser tip unwrapped so you can pull it out easily. Make however many you want your pocket to hold, and stick them together. Stick the whole ensemble to the side of the box. Wrap the sticky tape with duct tape, sticky side in, and cover until the whole sticky parts of the pocket are covered. Stick your pencils in and move on!

Step 9: Miscellaneous Item Pocket

This pocket is made out of three toilet paper rolls. You can put any miscellaneous items that you don't know where to put inside this storage compartment. It is simple to make. I put mine on the opposite side than my pencil pocket.

Wrap the toilet paper rolls with sticky side out duct tape. For the bottom, wrap the edges up onto the sticky tape above. Stick it to the box. Then, wrap the sticky toilet paper pocket with normal sticky side in duct tape. Place short half-sized rulers, art sculpting utensils, blending stumps, and more miscellaneous items in this pocket.

Step 10: Ruler Holder

On the back of the Storage Box, I placed a ruler holder that would pull out quickly and easily, kind of like a sword. "I need to measure something!" (Pulls out ruler) "YEAH!"

Wrap the bottom of the ruler with sticky side out tape, and don't forget to wrap the bottom also. Then wrap some in the middle of the ruler. Stick the whole thing to the back of the box. Wrap the tape with sticky side in tape. Pull out the ruler and then push it back in, feeling the awesome power pulse through your veins.

Step 11: Tiny Scissors Sheath

I have a pair of small scissors for cutting smaller items, and they come in handy sometimes. However, I didn't have a spot for them, so I just had to make a sheath for them in my storage box. I put mine beside the Miscellaneous Pocket.

Basically You do the same thing as you did for the big scissors sheath. Wrap it a little over the scissor part with sticky side out tape, stick it to the box, and cover it.

Step 12: Sticky Note Pocket

I made this pocket to hold my everyday lifesaver--sticky notes! I love sticky notes, and it is handy to have an easy-to-reach place for them.

First, do the same as always: wrap the sticky note pack in sticky side out duct tape, including the bottom. Stick it to the box, and cover with normal duct tape. Stick your sticky notepad in and enjoy!

Step 13: Pen Holder

I needed a spot for my pen, so I made a neat hook-the-pen-on-a-strap-and-Velcro-it-to-the-box thing. I put it next to my sticky note holder.

To make this, Fold over a strip of duct tape to make it half the width. Hook your pen on it and tape one side to the box. Put Velcro on the other side of the strip and also on the box. Marvel over how your pen hangs nicely on the box.

Step 14: Handles

The last accessory you can add to your Ultimate Storage Box is a set of handles. I made mine different colors so it looked craftier.

To make a handle, rip a piece of duct tape measuring 10 and 1/2 inches long. Fold it over. Then tape it to the box; make sure it is very secure before testing it out. You wouldn't want all your hard work to tumble onto the ground!

Step 15: You Are Done!

You have finished your Ultimate Crafter's Duct Tape Storage Box! Good job! Remember, you can apply these concepts to your own supplies; you may want to make one with totally different variations of pockets. You could make a toolbox using these concepts, or even a cooking storage box! Whatever you make, don't forget to have fun while doing it. Apply your own style to your box and have fun at the same time by adding finishing touches, such as putting duct tape flowers and bows on your storage box. You may even play with the color of your duct tape! Paint it with acrylic paint, put stickers on it, do whatever to it! Just make sure to make it your own!

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