Introduction: The Ultimate Fish Pie - the Perfect Lunchtime Snack

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Here in The Land of the Kiwi, fish pie is an established family favorite, however I have had some fairly bland versions over the last few years, so here is my recipe for the Ultimate Fish Pie

I didn't weigh anything so all weights are approximate -- there are lots of pictures so it should be easy enough to make a decent "guesstimate"
Some of you may not consider this a snack (I suppose it depends how much you eat) Or a paleo recipe but fish, root veges and fungi - how much more caveman can you get!! ( I've read Clan of the Cave Bear (good book, terrible film -- Daryll Hannah stars)

Step 1: Poach the Fish

I poached 6 nice fillets of snapper in about half a pint of milk with a little wine added and a pinch of dried italian herbs.

I used snapper as it was all we had in the freezer, however you can use whatever you have (Smoked Kowhai is nice)

Step 2: Flake the Fish

Remove the fish from the poaching liquid and flake it, remove any bones if you find them.

Keep the liquid for the sauce.

Step 3: Mushrooms and Onion

Dice a medium onion and 3-4 large mushrooms and sweat in a frying pan in a tablespoon of olive oil

Step 4: Peel and Mash the Potatoes and Kumara for Topping

I peeled 2 medium Kumara (orange sweet potatoes) and 3 medium potatoes, dice and steamed until soft _ about 20 mins.

Then mashed with a splash of milk, about an ounce of butter and some sea salt and ground black pepper to taste.

Step 5: Make the Sauce

I melted 2 ounces of butter and added 2 tablespoons of self raising flour to make a roux, then gently heated to allow the starch in the flour to burst and make a smooth sauce, Then added the sieved liquid from the poaching and whisked to complete.

Step 6: Add the Fish

Stirred in the flaked fish and approx 100grams of prawns, 100 grams of diced smoked salmon and the onion and mushroom, I also added some fresh chopped parsley and Basil. When mixed put them all together in a baking dish.

Step 7: Top With Potato

I put the Kumara/potato mash on top and topped off with 100grams of grated cheese (cheddar in this case then baked in the oven for about 30 mins at 250C until the cheese melted and browned.

Step 8: And Viola!!

Served with Garlic Bread and wine!! A perfect lunchtime snack

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