Introduction: The Ultimate Garden

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This is a garden perfect for Mothers day. Its good looking but still spacey and with a built-in fence.
Use Marine grade wood and vote for me in the Garden Contest.

I used Google Sketchup because my camera really really sucks.

Step 1: Parts


Twelve(12) 4in bolts
Eight(8) 3in bolts
Sixteen(16) 5in bolts


Twelve(12)     9.11ft X 3.5in X 3.5in
Four(4)   9.9ft X 1.5in X 1.5in
Eight(8) 2.5ft X 3.5 X 3.5in

Step 2: The Base

Start with your 9.9ft long boards arange them like the picture. Use your 4in bolts to secure them. Glue the layers together

Step 3: Posts and Fence

Connect with 5in bolts the 2.5ft long boards, with four on the corners and four in the middle on each side. Staple fece to the posts like the pictures.

Step 4: Top Ring

Use your 9.9ft long board as the ring  for the garden with 3in bolts on each end.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Fill the Garden will soil till it reaches the middle of the second layer of the base. I added a brick path in the middle of it for easy access.


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