The Ultimate Ice-cream Cupcakes

Introduction: The Ultimate Ice-cream Cupcakes

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Presenting the world's most addictive and "cute" Ice-cream Cupcakes.

And because they were made by me, so they become MORE special.

Many things for baking aren't usually available here in Pakistan and I basically use different things as substitutes and always end up making something new :p

and this thing is one of my "experiments".

And why I'm so happy bout it is because this is my first ible :D

Do try it please!!

Step 1: Step 1: What You're Gonna Need..

What you're gonna need for this:

1; 7 ounces Flour

2; 3 ounces Oil

3; 1/2 cup White Sugar

4; 1/2 cup Brown Sugar

5; An egg

6; 1 teaspoon Vanilla Essence

7; Aaaaaaannd finally 1/2 teaspoon Baking Powder.

8; Butter Paper, if your cupcake pan is as old and rusty as mine :p

9; Ice-cream, any flavour you crave. ( I prefer vanilla!)

10: Sprinkles, or chocolate syrup. (Optional- they're just for presentation or topping)

Yup, that's it.

Step 2: Step 2: the Egg and Brown Sugar

Break that little egg in a medium bowl and add the brown sugar in it so that they become friends.

Once they introduce each other you mix them up..

Step 3: Step 3: Every Other Thing Except the Flour.

Once you're done with mixing the egg and brown sugar, add the white sugar, oil, vanilla essence and baking powder. Make sure to toss these things one by one or you'll maybe end up with anything except the cupcakes.

Step 4: Step 4: Now the Flour..

Now the flour can enter in.

Mix it properly and you'll get the dough fr the cookies.

Well, it's not EXACTLY dough but type of liquidy..

But not too much liquidy.. it shouldn't fall off the spoon.

If your's is a bit liquidy, add a little flour to get the right texture.

And congratulations, you're done with the dough part..

Step 5: Step 5: Making Those Cute Cupcakes

This is the part where you can't be lazy!

Cut the butter paper into enough big parts to cover the inside and some of the outside part of a cupcake area.

Grease the paper with a bit oil.

Place it inside the cupcake area.

Now take some of the cookie dough and shape it in a circle.

Place the dough inside the cupcake area and make sure it comes up to the top- it shouldn't be only on the bottom!

See the picture to be sure. Make sure the inside of the cupcake is empty- or you won't have space for the ice-cream. :p

Step 6: Step 7: Break Time!

Now you can have a half-hour TV or Wi-fi break because those cupcakes go in the oven and don't have to look at them while the're in the oven, obviously.

I'm not mentioning the temperature or time because your ovens may be different and you can end up with rocks instead of cupcakes..

It just has to be at a medium temp. and keep checking on to see whether they've cooked or not.

Step 7: Step 8: Um.. Cooling the Cupcakes??

When the cupcakes bake they look golden.

Let them cool properly.

DO NOT put them in the fridge or freezer or they will become as hard as rocks.

If you want to put it anyway, go ahead- I will not be responsible. I've made this mistake before.

Step 8: Step 9: the Ice Cream Part

After cooling the cupcakes add ice-cream in them.

This step requires a generous person.

Oh, for God's sake, PLEASE add enough ice-cream to fill the cupcakes.!

Step 9: Step 10: the Presentation

If you really want your cupcakes to look pretty, top them with sprinkles or chocolate or nuts or- whatever you have around.

And then you're done.

Step 10: Gracias!

If you like my first instructable, please be generous enough to click on the "vote" button in the baking contest.

If any problems or suggestions, let me know.

With love,


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